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                In order to make the students get rid of the boring life during the epidemic period, relieve the homesickness of the students and strengthen the friendship between teachers and students, the summer...
                On the afternoon of April 24th, an psychological counseling for the international students sponsored by the School of International Education was held in the second lecture hall. With the theme of ...
                In order to further standardize the epidemic prevention and control work on campus, do a good job in the emergency response after international students return to school, and improve the emergency ...
                In order to thoroughly implement the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative and fully display the effect of Chinese culture education for international students in our school, the final of "Zh...
                On the afternoon of March 19, our school held the opening ceremony for 2018 batch international students in the Second Lecture Hall. Luo Baojun, member of the Party Committee and vice president of ...
                In order to show the exotic culture of international students and enrich the campus life of our students, the first international culture Festival of Xinxiang Medical University , sponsored by the ...
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