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                School of International Education

                The School of International Education of Xinxiang Medical University was established in September, 2002. Its predecessor was the Foreign Affairs Office which established in May, 1999. In 2001, School of International Education acquired the qualification for international students enrollment in China. And in 2004, it was approved of the Sino-foreign educational cooperation program.

                School of International Education is the executive and management department of the foreign-related education project of Xinxiang Medical University. It is responsible for the Sino-foreign educational cooperation and the education of international students. It is responsible for the formulation, organization and implementation of the relevant systems and development plans for the Sino-foreign educational cooperation and the education of international students;and it is also responsible for the application for the Sino-foreign educational cooperation program, as well as the education and teaching work such as the Sino-foreign educational cooperation and the enrollment, .student status management and daily management of international students.