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                Introduction of Xinxiang Medical University

                Xinxiang Medical University is built on a profound cultural inheritance with a long history whose predecessor can be traced back to the Western Medical Clinic by a British Missionary in 1896.

                Currently, the university covers an area of 1163059 m2 (including 5 clinical colleges), and the building area is 1.2583 million m2 (including 5 clinical colleges), teaching and research equipment are worth 397 million RMB, and the library has a collection of 2.1245 million books. Five Affiliated Hospitals with 10286 beds in totally. There are 12,791 faculty members (including 5 clinical colleges), among whom 1,769 are senior professionals (including 5 clinical colleges).

                There are various types of education including full-time education, Sino-foreign cooperative education and continuing education, including a relatively complete talent training system for postgraduates, Undergraduates and international students. Currently, there are more than 18,500 full-time students.

                The majors cover 7 categories like medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management and education. Clinical medicine ranks in the top 1% of ESI in the world. There are 8 first-level majors, including basic medicine, clinical medicine and medical technology have been approved as provincial key majors. It has 10 first-level master’s degree programs in basic medicine, clinical medicine and pharmacy and 6 professional master’s degree programs in clinical medicine, public health and nursing and 29 undergraduate majors. Clinical medicine, medical laboratory technology, nursing and pharmacy are among the four national-level specialties, 10 provincial-level specialties and 9 provincial-level specialties in comprehensive reform, 2 provincial-level outstanding doctor education and training programs. It has been approved as the pilot unit of the comprehensive reform of the national clinical medicine specialty and the pilot unit of the national excellent doctor training program, with 3 national standardized training bases for resident physicians, 2 national general practitioners clinical training bases, and 1 national clinical pharmacist training base. The university has five medical journals issued publicly to domestic and abroad: Journal of Xinxiang Medical University, Journal of Ophthalmic Recent Advances, Journal of Applied Clinical Pediatrics, and Journal of Clinical Psychosomatic Diseases.

                XXMU has long been paying much attention to academic exchanges and cooperation and has sent many excellent teachers to conduct research, lectures and study in U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Canada, Britain, Germany, India, Nepal and Denmark, etc. XXMU has set up good cooperative relationships with the American College of Broomfield and University of Turin. We have brought in some experts both domestic and abroad to come to our university and conduct academic exchanges.

                Intention of Collaboration

                1. Students Exchange Program

                We have sent some excellent students to collaborative universities to study, enrich their experience and improve knowledge.

                2. Teachers Exchange Program

                We have sent many excellent teachers to America for further exchanges and ability improving.

                3. Teachers Training

                Every summer holiday we send many teachers to Beijing Foreign Language University to study and train their foreign languages. And we also set the training program in school to improve their oral English.

                4. Joint Schooling Program

                In order to improve the teaching quality and follow the international development, we have cooperated with other famous universities in running some educational programs, including Medical Imaging Technology, Medical Examination Technology, Nursing, Rehabilitation Therapeutics, Pharmacy and Anesthesiology.

                We greet from our heart experts from all over the world to take on academic communication and welcome International students to study medical sciences sincerely. For the sake of the friendship and the development of medical technique and human health & medical treatment, let’s work together to create a bright future.