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                The Summer Sports Activity for International Students in Our School was Held Successfully

                In order to make the students get rid of the boring life during the epidemic period, relieve the homesickness of the students and strengthen the friendship between teachers and students, the summer sports meeting themed by "Staying at home to fight against the epidemic, Keeping fit and having fun", organized by the International Students Department of the Institute of International Education, was successfully held on the playground of the South campus on the afternoon of August 9th and achieved a complete success. The school is in charge of international students and four counselors. 32 international students participated in this activity.

                The fun sports meet lasted three and a half hours, with a teacher and student project and five student projects, respectively: grab a stool game, tug-of-war competition, back-to-back clip balloons, name tag tearing, birthday cap game kicking, skipping rope. In spite of the scorching sun, the competitors were still in high spirits and made preparations against the clock. With the whistle of the referee, each project representative team in turn to battle, all of them are eager to compete! Tug-of-war on the ground rapidly changing, tug-of-war players eyes fixed on the middle of the knot, two forces you chase me catch, do not give in... Finally, the exercise ended with a minute of free jumping. The logistics staff coordinated and recorded every wonderful moment with the camera.

                At the end of the competition, the responsible teachers will award individual and group prizes to the students. Then organize the students to return to the dormitory safely in batches.
                 Talent and force reveal the true colors of youth! The fun games made the students unite the team, strengthen the body, hone the will, perfect the personality. It fully shows the good spirit and enthusiasm of international students, embodies the vigor and vitality of new medical students, and adds color to the campus culture construction during the epidemic period of our school.