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                Psychological Counseling for International Students was Carried out Smoothly

                On the afternoon of April 24th, an psychological counseling for the international students sponsored by the School of International Education was held in the second lecture hall. With the theme of "Psychological escort to fight against the epidemic", Professor Zhang Hongxing from our school of Psychology gave a wonderful lecture to 33 international students.

                Before the start of group counseling, the School of International Education, in accordance with relevant requirements of the school's epidemic prevention and control work, arranged special personnel to carry out disinfection and ventilation at the counseling site, and required all international students participating in the counseling to wear masks throughout the whole course, keep distance and control the duration.

                During the counseling, Professor Zhang Hongxing, with professional psychological knowledge and rich psychological counseling experience, analyzed the psychological performance of the students during the epidemic and introduced effective adjustment methods, so that the students could overcome the psychological "virus" of the epidemic with a more positive attitude, more optimistic state and more scientific methods.

                Our university always attached great importance to international students psychological counseling work, since COVID - 19 outbreak, actively carry out psychological and epidemic prevention work, has invited college students psychological consulting center for international students investigate the psychological status, and are prone to depression and other adverse psychological problems for international students in the one-to-one depth of psychological counseling, and organizing international education institute of party and government leadership into the students' dormitory to carry out the psychological face to face interview, help students to correctly understand themselves and improve themselves, develop themselves, to reduce and relieve COVID - 19 outbreak brought the students psychological pressure, promote international students' mental health.