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                The Emergency Drill for Epidemic Prevention and Control Before International Students Returning to Xinxiang Medical University was Held Successfully

                In order to further standardize the epidemic prevention and control work on campus, do a good job in the emergency response after international students return to school, and improve the emergency command and organization and coordination ability of our school to deal with the outbreak, on the afternoon of March 6, our school held an emergency drill on COVID-19 in the north campus. With the close cooperation of the school staff, our hospital successfully completed the drill.

                The drill closed to actual combat. The scene was assumed to be an international student who was sent to the hospital for urgent medical examination after he developed symptoms of suspected COVID-19. After the diagnosis, the two roommates who had close contact with the student were isolated for observation. In accordance with the established plan, all the participants acted quickly, had clear division of labor, cooperated closely and methodically, and successfully completed the emergency response drill. Experts from the School of Public Health sent to Xinxiang Center for Disease Control and Prevention watched the whole drill and put forward professional Suggestions on relevant key processes and links.

                This drill further improved the combined combat capability of our hospital and all departments inside and outside the school in the emergency response of epidemic prevention and control, tested the scientific nature and operability of relevant emergency plan, and accumulated experience for the emergency response of epidemic prevention and control after the semester began.