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                The Fourth "Zhong Hua Yun" Chinese Language Competition for International Students was Successfully Held in Our School

                In order to thoroughly implement the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative and fully display the effect of Chinese culture education for international students in our school, the final of "Zhong Hua Yun" Chinese Language Competition for Foreign Students was held in the second lecture hall on the evening of December 6th. The relevant functional departments and principals of the school as well as more than 200 teachers and students of the School of International Education watched the competition together.

                After several rounds of selection, a total of 12 international students participated in the final of the evening. The competition is divided into Three parts: speech, quiz and talent show. In the Chinese speech section, the contestants gave speeches with fluent Chinese, sincere feelings and different body languages, which fully demonstrated their love for Chinese culture and beautiful new doctors. In the knowledge question and answer session, the contestants used their knowledge of Chinese accumulated at ordinary times to respond flexibly to different questions, which won the applause of the audience. In the talent show, the contestants performed drama, sketch, song, magic and other programs in Chinese innovatively, and combined various artistic forms such as calligraphy, hip-hop dance and musical instrument performance. The diversified programs and innovative performance forms won the applause from the audience.