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                Our School Held the Opening Ceremony for 2018 Batch International Students

                On the afternoon of March 19, our school held the opening ceremony for 2018 batch international students in the Second Lecture Hall. Luo Baojun, member of the Party Committee and vice president of Xinxiang Medical University, Zhu Lin, director of the Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, Gao Fulian, vice dean of the Basic Medical College, Fang Cheng, vice dean of the Third Clinical College, Ji Guangjun, general secretary of the Party branch of the School of International Education attended the ceremony. Representatives of international teachers and senior international students attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Yu’an, dean of the School of International Education.

                Luo Baojun, the vice president, gave a speech first. On behalf of the university, President Luo warmly welcomed 68 students from 2018 batch to XXMU, and briefed them on the history of our school and the development of international education, affirmed the achievements of international students in our school in recent years, and put forward a strong hope for international students. I hope you can adapt to the living and learning environment of Xinxiang Medical University as soon as possible and complete the role change. I hope you will cherish the precious opportunity to come to China, exchange more with Chinese students, and strive to become ambassadors of friendship for cultural exchanges between China and India, China and Nepal, And China and Pakistan, so as to contribute to enhancing the friendship between the two peoples. I hope you can cherish the opportunity to learn, redouble your efforts to achieve the ideal of life.

                Mr. Wang Zhiyong, the representative of the teacher, expressed his hope to the students. He hoped that the new students could overcome the difficulties in language and living customs, face all the challenges bravely and study hard to become an excellent doctor. Afterwards, Ali, the representative of the new student, shared his feelings about coming to the new doctor, saying that he must study Chinese well and strive to be the ambassador of cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan.

                Finally, the whole crew took a group photo together.